The Levashov Method

Nicolai Levashov is a Russian-born master-healer, clairvoyant, and theoretical physicist, who lived in San Francisco for 15 years before recently returning to Moscow. His work is best understood from reading articles in English. The following serves as a brief introduction to his work.

According to Levashov our universe is made up of 7 “primary matters”, which in the process of spontaneously merging create various “bodies”. When all 7 meld it results in the creation of mass, of which our planet, Earth, would be an example. When less than 7 primary matters meld it results in “spheres” which surround and interdigitate with the Earth. These spheres, which consist of the melding of one to 6 primary matters, have specific functions with respect to the Earth, which Levashov describes in some detail in his various books. On the basis of a natural law, which Levashov also describes in great detail in his books, living bodies on Earth also have so-called, invisible (except to clairvoyants) bodies that interact with the physical substance of the body. Knowledge of this relationship is essential for anyone using Levashov’s method of psychic healing.

This method utilizes highly magnified conscious intention to systematically restructure the patient's subtle bodies. This spontaneously results in changes toward health in the anatomy and physiology of diseased tissue and organs on the physical level. The Levashov Method of healing is a complex, sophisticated, precise method of healing with conscious intention that can be utilized to treat most illnesses.

Cells, organs, and the physical body as a whole have other bodies or structures that can usually only be seen by healers or "sensitives" with clairvoyant abilities. The subtle bodies function in unity with the physical body to provide information and energy and act as repositories of thought and emotion. In states of health the physical and subtle bodies work in balance and harmony to facilitate the development and realization of the potential of man's spirit: in disease there is imbalance and disharmony and the spirit cannot flourish.

Among Levashov's contributions to the science of healing is his delineation of the biophysical interaction between the subtle bodies and the physical body. One cannot successfully heal utilizing his method without a clear understanding of this interaction. This knowledge coupled with intensified conscious intention provides the experienced healer with the ability to consciously and precisely change structure and function on anatomic and physiological levels and thus effect definitive cures of even the most serious degenerative disorders.

According to Levashov there are many factors that can cause physical disease and disharmony between the various bodies. Depending upon individual makeup, these include karmic (past life), genetic, constitutional, emotional, mental, and environmental factors. Invariably, however, one physical problem affecting nearly all people, are sub-clinical, chronic, bacterial or viral infections and their toxins in the cerebral spinal fluid of the spine and brain. These are transmitted from the mother to the fetus through the placenta in utero. While usually of minor significance throughout early life, these infections can acquire major importance in the initiation and maintenance of chronic disease later in life when the immune system becomes compromised by environmental stresses and toxins. At such a time toxins in the cerebral spinal fluid start to infiltrate nerves originating in and transiting the cord and brain, and thence move via the nerves to various organ systems, where they induce pathological changes.

The first task of the Levashov-trained healer is to "scan" the body psychically and through a detailed systems analysis develop a comprehensive plan of treatment. Treatment is effected through the healer's use of exceptionally heightened conscious intention to intervene in the subtle bodies. Depending on the problem, most interventions will involve elimination from the body of pathological growths, infectious elements, and toxins followed by the regeneration or rebuilding of damaged tissue.

Of critical importance in this process is the establishment of harmony and balance:

If balancing is not done relapse will occur since, in chronic illness, the organism-as-a-whole exists in a state of pathological homeostasis.

This is the reason why definitive, lasting cures of chronic illnesses treated by most healing modalities are so rare.

It is important to understand that healing is a process, not an instantaneous, miraculous cure or an "energy boost" that may make the patient feel well momentarily, only to have him relapse after a few days. There is often a delay between the healers beginning work on the subtle bodies and the manifestation of the work on the physical level. Sometimes the effects are instantaneous, at times it may take weeks before the patient realizes that changes are taking place. Because of the need to rebuild or regenerate tissue and balance out all organ systems in chronic illnesses it is necessary to conduct the healing work several times a week for months to years to effect a definitive, lasting cure.

The Levashov Method is not, however, a panacea for all problems: Of great importance is the degree of damage to the organism. If this is too severe, there is little or no health in the body to support the healing work. If the organism can support the healing effort, however, much can be accomplished.


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