The Science of Life Energy

Wilhelm Reich, the discoverer of orgone energy, was born in 1897. As a psychoanalyst in Freud’s circle he early on became aware in his clinical practice that an energetic component was of crucial importance in establishing cure in his patients. Indeed it became his life’s work to discover the nature of the energy governing the emotions.

This he did in the 1940s after two decades of research on the bioelectric nature of the emotions and experiments on the natural organization of life from decomposing organic and inorganic matter. The serendipitous heating and culturing of ocean sand yielded microscopic vesicles that spontaneously pulsated, luminated, and divided. Experiments to isolate the source of the luminations led to the discovery of what Reich later called the orgone energy accumulator, (ORAC), an enclosure consisting of inner metal walls backed by non-metals. Such a device proved to have remarkable qualities including the anomalous slowing of the discharge of static electricity from an electroscopic discharge, a spontaneous elevation of temperature, the acceleration of plant growth, and the healing of animals and humans placed inside the enclosure.

Reich’s studies of orgone energy in the atmosphere led to the discovery of a device, the “cloudbuster” that, when correctly applied, could markedly influence the weather. The medical counterpart of the cloudbuster, the “medical dor-buster” is a small hand-held version that when applied to living tissue could withdraw toxic energy (DOR) from the organism and stimulate the natural life energy, orgone energy, to move again. This would often result in the rapid elimination of noxious products of inflammation and thus accelerate healing. While Reich provided sufficient detail for any serious scientist to replicate his work it was eschewed by the establishment, although several students of orgonomy have published confirmatory results of his work.

Our Director of Research, Dr. Richard Blasband, has been a student of orgonomy since 1950, when he first began experimentation in orgone energy and the ORAC. Trained as a physician, in addition to his medical practice as a psychiatric orgone therapist he has maintained a program in orgone biophysics to the present time and in orgonomic weather modification through to 2000. He has published over sixty articles on his research and reviews of the orgonomic literature and has lectured in the U.S. and abroad on Reich and his own research. Experimentation using the ORAC is a continuing part of his research programs with CFR. (See below).

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